An ISO 9001 - 2008 Certified Company
 • Does not require Electricity
 • No Motors,No wires,
   No chance of Short Circuit
 • Runs on Non- Conventional
   energy - No Running Cost
 • Easy to Install on any type of    Roof -Existing/New Structure
 • Reduces Carbon Footprint
 • Eco Friendly - Green Product
 • Virtually Maintenance free
 • No Noise - Silent Operation
 • 100% Leak and Rain proof
 • Removes Stale,Damp &hot air.
 • Enhances the architectural and
   aesthetic appearance
 • Saves Precious Energy
 • Fast depreciation under IT act.

Air Ventilator Spins with the slightest breeze, creating an upward draft which draws air out of the attic.Wind driven RoofVentilators are designed and engineered to exhaust industrial pollutants such as smoke, dust, poisonous gases, humidity, fumes, heat, odor, dampness and many more invisible irritants from the Building / industrial sheds.Air ventilators or Wind turbine Air Ventilators spins with the slightest breeze, creating an upward draft which draws hot air,odor,smokes,dampness and other pollutant particles upwards, creating invisible convection current, and in the process extract them together with pollutant particles, which has become hot due to the buildings exposure to long hours of sunlight and manufacturing processes and due to other pollutants particles within the building. As the stale and hot air is extracted by the Air ventilators, it is replaced by fresh air at ambient temperature entering through the natural openings thus completing the air change correction cycle current & improving the internal environment with fresh air change. Needless to say, fresh air makes us more energetic and productive whilst stale and hot air makes us tired and less productive.

Air ventilators provides natural crossvent throughout the year. Wind Turbo Roof Air Ventilator functions and performs with the unlimited source of natural wind energy, thus saving on precious electricity & heavy maintenance Cost etc.Wind Driven Roof air Ventilators are rigid & light in weight, can be mounted on any existing industrial roofs without disturbing the existing structure. Air Roof ventilators Once in motion creates a suction, which pulls out hot air, gases, dust, fumes, odor and other industrial hazardous & Pollutant irritants from the Industrial Building /Shed. Choice of theMaterial (Aluminum or Stainless Steel), size, numbers and installation of Ventilators depends on factors such as wind velocity, temperature differential, environmental conditions, size & height of the building, and location of the building and profile of the roof. Air ventilators ranging from 14" to 34" sizes are available which are recommended after considering the above factors.

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